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Airport Transfers at V Cars

Our IVR system is an automated system that allows you to book a taxi on your mobile allowing you to bypass the call centre. Please contact a member of our team with your details and we will call you and confirm when the set up is complete and ready for use.

Once set up, which you can do by filling out the form at the bottom of this page and registering, follow the steps below and the computer will automatically recognise your mobile and will match your selection to the journeys that have been nominated by you.

Step by Step...

              1. Phone 01225 464646
              2. Enter the journey number. (The number previously identified by you during set-up)
              3. The pick up point will be repeated back to you. (Automated)
              4. If correct press '1' to confirm.
              5. Your vehicle is now booked and will arrive shortly.


By Email

Please complete the form below, entering your details and required pick up points. You can nominate up to 5 different pick up points, although it is not necessary to remember them, as the automated system will tell you which choice refers to each location. Simply select the correct pick up number and the system will automatically despatch your vehicle. When your car arrives you will even receive a call-back to confirm the driver's arrival!

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